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Please let me show you how to get higher conversion rates using a simple strategy called a Bridge Page.viaduct

Sometimes when you’re scrolling through one of your Social Media accounts and you hear the tone of your messenger go off. *DING*

So naturally you look in your message box and you notice that someone you don’t know just sent you a message. It’s really a mystery because:

  • It’s not an old friend
  • It’s not an acquaintance you met the other day
  • It’s not even a distant relative

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What Are The 4 Keys To Success In Online Business?

There are so many people these days that are struggling to make their work at home internet business a success. The reason they are struggling is because they are making achieving this goal harder than it has to be.

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Tony Marriott’s latest software, Affiliate Rex is a web based affiliate solution. A completely automated, easy click solution to all the barriers that hold back anyone trying affiliate marketing.

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CTA Monster

CTA Monster which is a product of Mark Dulisse, is a comprehensive program that will allow you to create stunning Exit & Welcome Intent Pages, Popups, Sync Your FaceBook & Twitter Leads, Build Your List… In Seconds.

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Your Sales Funnel

Sales funnel5Lead Magnet – just what it implies. How do you attract potential subscribers? Offer something for free, a video, a how-to PDF document, information that your viewers need. This can be how to make a YouTube video, how to post in Facebook, and so on and so on. Conversely, you can offer something of value for a very low cost, usually less than $10. And this can be access to training videos, their own sales funnel, some type of tools that will help them with their marketing, or anything of high value, high quality, and low cost.

Trip Wire – This is not as sneaky as it sounds. If you used a low cost offer in your lead magnet, the Trip Wire is different than the Lead Magnet.  It’s simply a very low cost product that is the entry point or introduction to the service or product suite that you are promoting. The Trip Wire offer can be anywhere between $9 or $10 to $40 or $50. Also, this purchase is immediate in that as soon as the purchase is completed, the product is downloaded or access to the software is provided immediately. More on “Your Sales Funnel”