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Yes, DECIDE to be successful. What do I mean?

Well here’s the breakdown of the acronym:

D – DETERMINE – Determine what you want to accomplish. Be clear on your goal. Examples could be:

  • Make $5,000 per month by June 2016
  • Average 50 sign ups per week
  • Record 20 videos per week
  • Blog twice a day

And so on. But I think you get the idea.

E – EVALUATE – Evaluate what steps are necessary to achieve your goal. One of the best ways to do this is to breakdown your goal in “bite size” pieces. Here’s another example using “Make $5,000 per month by June 2016” from above:

There’s 5 months before June (as of the date of this PR)

  • First month reach $1,000 for the month. That works out about $32 per day in sales or commissions or about $224 per week
  • Second month follow up with your customers or team members that have signed up to keep the momentum going and add to that another $1,000 for the month. You’re now at $2,000 for the running total

And so on. This obviously is just an elementary example but I think you see the benefit of breaking down your goals one small step at at time, because small steps repeated WILL complete and accomplish any undertaking!

C – CONSULT – Consult other experts in your field to get more ideas and strategies that might help you to accomplish your goal. Also, consult training videos, whitepapers, press releases, seminars and so on to get as much useful information as possible to maximze your success and minimize any obstacles as much as possible.

I – INTEGRITY – Maintain your integrity. There may be many “friends” or relatives that will tell you the goal you’re pursuing isn’t realistic or you simply can’t do it. They may even try to encourage you to quit before you get disapointed. Regardless of what friends, family, or the “experts” may say, you hold on to your integrity and continue to push forward. The worst thing you can do is to give up. Maintain your integrity and stick with your plan and commitment to your goal. Don’t let anyone or anything talk you out of it!

D – DETAILS – Once everything is in place and you have determined what it is you want to accomplish, you have really evaluated all the steps that will be necessary to accomplish your goal, you consulted experts and other sources of information regarding the steps to complete your goal, and you have built the habit pattern of maintaining your focus and determination in your integrity, the last step is the details. Review everything and make sure you have covered all the key points and steps. It would be very helpful to write out your plan with scheduled dates of what you want to accomplish and when. But the point here is review your details and make sure you’re clear on them.

E – EXECUTE – Yes now you execute, launch your plan, ready aim fire, whatever analogy you want to use. But the point is, GO!! If you wait for the “perfect time” to execute your plan, guess what, you’ll never take action, you’ll never execute your plan, because the only perfect time is NOW! Now is the time to start your plan. Don’t wait, get distracted, hesitate, and procrastinate. Because the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll get closer to your goals!


So D.E.C.I.D.E. to take action and reach your goals whatever they may be, no matter how nebulous they may seem, no matter how out of reach they may appear. Every journey starts with the first step. So go ahead and take that first step and claim your VICTORY!!

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