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How To Avoid Facebook Penalties

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When you end up in “Facebook Jail” you are suddenly not allowed by Facebook to post any links to your personal websites or blogs, to your company replicated websites, not on your personal timeline, not in Facebook groups and not even on your Facebook business Pages you’ve created. Welcome to Facebook jail!

This can be very devastating especially when you consider how much time and effort you have put in to build up your Facebook page in the first place.

How can you avoid being penalized by FaceBook?

  1. You need to understand Facebook’s Terms of Service both for personal Timelines, and for business Pages. Unfortunately most people do not read them and then are suddenly in trouble!
  2. Never ever use a business name for your personal profile/timeline name. You cannot create a personal Facebook account using “Internet Marketing Genius” as the name of your account, just so you can post within groups and elsewhere as the name of your business. Use your personal name and then within the “About” section, tell people to your business and then create a business page for your business.
  3. Avoid posting your web link to multiple places on Facebook in a short time. When sharing your business website link within Facebook groups or other Pages, even when it is encouraged by the group or Page admin (such as on Facebook Friday) avoid doing so in multiple groups in short succession.  It is never a good idea to blast your link all over the place on the web anyway – it appears desperate and spammy! But it is common on “Facebook Friday” for groups or pages to ask you to share you link – it helps everyone get to know each other and support the other pages. Spread them out time-wise so you aren’t doing them all at once.
  4. Do not friend-request people you do not know or aren’t otherwise connected to. Social media is about connecting with people, not collecting people. When you have a relationship with someone in a Facebook group, and you want to get to know someone better, sure, reach out to them, as long as they are someone who would recognize you. The reason for this is that after they ignore your friend request if they do not want to add you back, Facebook asks if they know you. If they say NO that they do not know you, your account is flagged.
  5. Do not repeatedly send the same message to different people or post the same item in different places. This is tracked by Facebook and seen as spam or harassment. If you want to share your blog post to several different groups, simply add a caption that is relevant to the place you are posting it on Facebook, so it is seen as a unique post.
  6. Do not private message someone who is not your Facebook friend. This is an automatic red flag and although Facebook has a small tolerance for it once in a while, if you do this too often you will surely end up in Facebook jail. The assumption is that if they wanted to receive messages from you, you would be friends.
  7. Do not copy and paste someone else’s post or image to repost.  Facebook sees this as duplicate content which is similar to how Google does not want exact copies of the same blog post or article and it can be misconstrued as plagiarism. If you see something you want to say that is similar to someone else’s post, create your own verbiage so it is different.

Following these 6 points will keep you out of trouble with Facebook. And for continued success in your online business here is a must have system:

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