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How To Increase Your Conversions With Bridge Pages

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Please let me show you how to get higher conversion rates using a simple strategy called a Bridge Page.viaduct

Sometimes when you’re scrolling through one of your Social Media accounts and you hear the tone of your messenger go off. *DING*

So naturally you look in your message box and you notice that someone you don’t know just sent you a message. It’s really a mystery because:

  • It’s not an old friend
  • It’s not an acquaintance you met the other day
  • It’s not even a distant relative

It’s a poor marketer who has lost their way, and wants to know if you had a chance to take a look at their money making opportunity and you should click the link right now to join the hottest thing since eBay! Ugh! Another unsolicited offer among the hundreds you receive every day!

Like the poor marketer, is this how you are trying to increase your list, visitors, and attract new prospects?


If you’re in the affiliate world, MLM, Network Marketing, Rev Share, or whatever you’re promoting out there, and this is what you’ve been taught or what you think you should do, then you need to put on the brakes! WHOA!!!

So you can get higher conversion rates using a simple strategy called a Bridge Page.

You may be thinking that you already know what a Bridge Page is and you’re read a lot about them.

But are your conversion rates where you want them?

I would venture to say probably not.

First of all, when you’re trying to sell your products or services online you must have the mindset of, “how can I bridge the gap between prospect (or lead), to a customer?”

How do I get someone to WANT my product or service without having to do a hard sell?

The answer…

Create an itch and sell the scratcher!

Don’t ever just send your traffic to a sales page without bridging them over first. You can. But you’ll see extremely low conversions, if any at all, if you do that.

What you want to do is create some kind of article on a blog site or a video talking about the problem these people are having and your job is to exploit the problem as if you were exposing the Watergate Scandal! You can make it juicy and compelling!



If you lie, make false claims, or promise something you can’t possibly deliver, then you’re what the industry calls A SCAM ARTIST! Plain and simple.

So the question that remains is….

How do you come up with a killer bridge page that guarantees higher conversion rates?

Here are a couple of questions you need to ask, and answer, before you create your bridge.

#1What pain points can you expose that your prospect doesn’t consciously know they have?

Notice I said “consciously”. Everyone has concerns in the back of their mind that aren’t always obvious to them. And this is why you need to bring them to light so now they are front and center.

These pain points need to be ones that your product can solve without question.

You need to do this because now that your prospects are aware of the problem, their brain will naturally start to try and find solutions to solve that problem.

Once you map that part out, then you need to figure out how your product is going to best relieve that pain.

#2What are the logical steps to solving the problem you made them aware of?

Since they are now conscious of the problem, now you need to show them how to solve it.

When you’re giving someone a solution to a problem, you want to use metaphors and analogies that they can connect with in order to bridge the gap they have to cross, in order to come to the conclusion that they need your product, so they “get it”.

Here’s a reference list while making your conversion crushing bridge page

  • Look at your offer, your product, or opportunity and find out what’s the main problem it solves.
  • Create an itch that your product is going to scratch
  • Show / Teach people a couple ways to relieve their itch
  • Reveal the mega solution as your product and have them click through to the sales page of your offer.

Things to remember:

  • Be ethical
  • Don’t lie
  • Always put THEIR needs first
  • Actually help people
  • Have fun

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