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Is the 7 day cash money a scam?

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In my search for an opportunity to start an online business I have come across many different offers. But there are so many scams that finding the legitimate offer is even more difficult. Most of the offers that I have seen all promise that their offer is the “real deal” and that you will make a lot of money by just buying their product, software or system, and the money will come rolling in almost effortlessly. Sometimes they will even quote what others have made and it always seems to be either 5,000 or more a month or even per week!

Also many of these offers after you purchase the system, software, or whatever is being promoted, they will then make another offer for you to buy yet another product that will enhance the first product that you bought and that this new product would sky rocket your sales. This cycle would continue and continue until either you realized that you weren’t going to make any money or until you actually run out of money to spend. Sound ridiculous huh?

A typical product that falls into this category is called “The 7 Day Test” or “The 7 day cash money”. It can be found under either name but the two programs are one and the same by Jean and Randy Jett.

7dayThey will let you try the program for 7 days for 2.95 and then after the 7 day period will charge you $49.50 and then after another 14 days will charge you yet another $49.50 which is a one final charge.

The way the 7 day test or the 7 day cash money system, which ever term you want to use explains how this works is like this: Google has established an exclusive link to keep track of each and every person that Jena the author of this programs signs on to the Google AdSense program. Once the sign in is approved a domain name of 300+ web pages is created with a Google referral code in all of these 300+ web pages. The 300 plus webpages created for you will host advertisements. Each advertiser is charged anywhere from $1.00 – $50 per click. Then you get paid a third of what the advertiser was charged by Google. Google then transfers the funds to your account. But the 7 Day Test / 7 day cash money system websites are nothing but exact copies, and they hand out these identical sites to everyone. The back-links are nonexistent so you will get little to no worthwhile visitors which is how you make money in the first place!

There are also many “testimonials” that rave how great this product is too. So for this system you pay $101.95 and what is concerning is that “Jena” is the main focus of the program and you seem to be dependent upon her.

But despite all this, one clear principle in starting an online business is being honest and upfront before anyone signs up with any offer, this is the first step in establishing trust. And signing up with any offer shouldn’t be just getting added to a list, but it should be the beginning of a relationship of trust.

So as you can see, building an online business does require finding a legitimate offer and it includes honesty and trust. Now I found a system that really does work and will get results if you work at it. Also, the communication within the community of all those who are involved in this system, is easy and everyone is reachable. What I mean by that, is those individuals that are “at the top” so to speak are very approachable and are constantly trying to help everyone else be successful as well. There’s no mystery man or organization at the top. This is a community of sharing ideas, support, and insight.

Again, this is a system where you won’t have to do it on your own, but is an opportunity where you can join a team of people that are all working together to help each other make money. And you can start your business for free and then after making some money you can put money back into your business if you want to. The bottom line is you don’t have to spend any money to get started with this system.

Look, I’m just an average guy perhaps like you, who just wants to make money online and build my own online business. Again, this business that I am talking about is absolutely free! It’s free to get started and free to begin making money. You won’t have to spend any money, nothing, to get started, it will cost you absolutely nothing and if you work at it, you will make money. I’m not promising you’ll make tons of money and become wealthy. But if you want to start and build an online business that will last, then take a second and at least look at this system because again, there’s no risk because it’s not going to cost anything ever! There are no subscription fees, up sales, nothing you have to buy at all to start making money!

You get a free complete turnkey marketing system

  • Multiple free capture pages
  • a free completely automated sales funnel
  • You get a free email auto responder loaded with all the product introductory and the follow-up marketing emails
  • the free training, tools, resources, and mentoring and so much more
  • There are 0 website fees and there’s zero maintenance fees because again this is a free system
  • There are no hidden fees later on and there no up sales after you get in
  • You don’t need to learn how to set up a website, you don’t need a blog, you don’t need to know SEO, your free website is already set up for you
  • There’s no monthly hosting fee ever

If you need help getting started, no problem! You’ll get help like tools, marketing help, a support community, free training, and a step by step system with videos and files. Once you sign up, you won’t be out on your own in the cold because there are so many free resources that are all there to help you succeed!

Also, after you join, you’ll be on my team, and I will help you all the way. I’ll also give you my personal email address and phone number so you can get a hold of me anytime if you get stuck or have any questions. I only succeed if you succeed!

So this opportunity again is risk free, it gives you lots and lots of resources, and help every step of the way to be successful. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So if you are interested in truly a free way to make money and grow your own online business, then just click on the money stack link below to learn more and to start making money now.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side and hearing about your great success. Thank you for watching.

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