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Mind Over Matter – Journal and Questions

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This is a primer and what I mean by that is that this is by no means a comprehensive article on how to be successful. But the intent of this article is to provide a starting point and guidelines on how to build success in your endeavors. Also, the focus is more geared towards starting and maintaining your own business.

The biggest key in starting your own business, increasing your own business, and subsequently, being successful in your own business is within your mind, your thinking, in other words, that grey matter between your ears. How you think about the business you want to start, or if you already have your own business, how you think about its success or lack thereof, will determine its success or failure. The thoughts that you carry in your mind regarding your business are very impacting and powerful. Hundreds upon hundreds of business men and women that have gone on to be successful know this truth all too well.

So, this sounds all nice and cozy, but what is the reality? How do you push through obstacles, roadblocks, temporary setbacks, and the like? What can you do to stay on an upward trend so-to-speak? Answering these challenges can seem overwhelming but, there are things you can do now to overcome and be successful. Here are steps you can take to begin your success.

Keep a journal

Every day do at least one thing, minimum, to bring you closer to your goal. Whether it’s a phone call, check on prices, answer an email, do some research, etc. Then in a Word document, spreadsheet, journal book, whatever you’re comfortable with, write down what you did that day no matter how insignificant it may appear. This will help build confidence that you will achieve your goal. It also will help in avoiding duplicate steps and identify tasks that aren’t helping you. In addition, you can also use the journal to duplicate your steps for your next challenge, obstacle, etc.

Overcoming obstacles and road blocks by asking what else can I do?

This is probably the most challenging but, can be successfully resolved. Again, using the water filtration example, when an obstacle or road block occurs, determine alternatives.

You find that with the advertising that you researched you have to commit to a minimum 3 month contract that will cost thousands of dollars. So what do you do? Give up? NO! Look for alternate means of advertising. Where do other businesses like yours advertise? Are there free advertising avenues?

The point is you ask yourself what else can I do? If something isn’t working or is unavailable, don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to make that approach work. When water is running down hill and comes upon a big rock what does water do? It goes around the rock, over it, maybe even under it, but the water keeps flowing. Always look for an alternative so you can keep moving forward however slowly, but keep moving.

In conclusion, to be successful:

Keep a journal

Overcoming obstacles and road blocks by asking what else can I do?

While this is a simple guide, or a primer, you can take this as far as you want. It’s up to you! True success takes time and thoughtful planning. There are very rarely any instant or overnight successes. If you put in the time and effort and don’t give up by following these time proven points, you will be successful. And if you want to maximize your effort in developing avenues to make money online, then the following may be of interest to you.


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