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Mindset, Mindset, Mindset

Mindset, you hear people talking about it all the time. There have been hundreds of books written about mindset from Zig Ziglar to Napoleon Hill to Dale Carnegie to Tony Robbins and so on. Why is this thing called “mindset” so important?

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Grow and Give


We all want our businesses to grow and prosper. After all, isn’t that why you’re in business in the first place, to grow and prosper? There are many principles that come in to play when building a successful business. One key point is the principle of giving. If you look at most if not all of the wealthiest successful business people you’ll see that they all very generous with their time, money, and talent. For instance, following is just a handful of wealthy people that have donated money to charities.

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Yes, DECIDE to be successful. What do I mean?



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Deadbeat Super Affiliate – Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate legitimate? Get the answers here! Deadbeat Super Affiliate was originally released in 2010 and this is an “updated” version of the same program. However, it doesn’t appear as though much has changed from the 2010 version. But it has been reissued probably because Dan Brock I’m sure has made a lot of money promoting this product. Simply stated, Deadbeat Super Affiliate involves selling products as an affiliate through Amazon.com and other physical product affiliate networks.