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What Value Are You Offering?

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Yes, what value are you offering? If you look on the internet, you can find hundreds if not thousands of marketers trying to get you to buy their stuff. People searching on the internet are NOT looking for another offer to buy stuff. Buy My StuffSorry but “BUY MY STUFF, BUY MY STUFF, BUY MY STUFF” doesn’t work if you want to engage people and build relationships. Success in online marketing really does rely on relationships. Yes you may sell a lot of “stuff” but how many of those customers will be repeat customers? How many of those customers will be loyal customers?

Sure, as internet marketers whether your are an affiliate marketer or you’re selling your own product, we all have “stuff” we’re trying to sell. But it has to be bigger then that! By offering VALUE to people, we build relationships, we build trust that we’re actually trying to improve the quality of life for people, we’re actually interested in people!

Yes, the internet has opened up vast avenues to make money, no question about it. But the internet today has become a social environment. The internet is more about learning about each other then it is making fast money. Those enterepaneurs that are pushing to make quick money at the expense of building trust and relationships don’t last long. Look at how many online entrepaneurs have come and gone! If you’re only looking to make quick money on the internet, guess what? You won’t last long. There won’t be any longevity to your online business!

So what do you do? OFFER VALUE! How? Here are some tips on how to offer value.

#1 How To – Isn’t there at least one thing you have learned either from training, a webinar, or your own experience, that you could sheare with someone else?

  • How to record a great video
  • How to post it on YouTube
  • How  to write a killer article
  • How to blog
  • How to set up a WordPress site

And the list goes on and on. I’m sure there is at least ONE thing you can share to bring value to your readers and potential customers.

#2 Product Reviews – Have you purchased a product either recently or in the past that you have found to be a great value to you or has solved a problem you were having? I recently bought a screen capture program that was inexpensive and very effective as well. It has lots of tools and features that I utilized to record quality videos. But then I did a review on this product and how to use some of the tools. The response I received was great. There were many people who were looking for a screen capture program and reading my article really helped them a lot in makeing a decision and those that had purchased the program learned how to get more out of it through my article. Keep in mind, if you do a product review article, make sure you keep it positive! You don’t want to critisize other products or programs. Just look for opportunities to bring VALUE to your readers, show them products and programs that can HELP them!

#3 Personal Experience – Personal experience in growing and developing an online business is so valuable especially to the new internet marketer that’s just starting out. Write an article on some of the pitfalls you have fallen into or strategies that you have employed that are working for you. I recently wrote an article on giving back that highlighted how you can give back to help others. Also by posting your personal experience you will begin to establish yourself as a go to resouce!

What do these three points accomplish? Relationships! And as you build your relationships with people you will build trust which will in turn provide opportunities to help people with your offer or products. This will establish a long term avenue to contiue to build your business and subseqently your followers!

So take the time to offer value and build relationships and your online business will flourish!


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